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Paige Johnson

MSc Student

Paige obtained her Honours B.Sc. in Integrated Sciences, concentrating in Biology, in 2023. After doing a thesis with the lab where she looked into clonal evolution in AML, she decided to stay for grad school. Her master’s project is an extension of her undergraduate work but with a greater depth of interrogation. As such, she’s currently working on generating comprehensive functional fingerprints of different clonal populations, in an attempt to identify emergent properties of recurrently mutated genes in AML.

Paige was enticed to join this research program because she liked the collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that is cultured in the lab and wants to help deliver novel treatments to the clinic that will improve AML patient outcomes.

In her spare time, Paige likes reading and trying new recipes off of Pinterest. She also enjoys writing posts and magazine articles about science and loves science communication. 

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