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Meaghan received her BSc in Honours Biochemistry from McMaster University in 2020. She originally applied to the Bhatia lab as a second year undergraduate student because she was intrigued by the mechanisms driving the pathogenesis of cancer and how an iPSC model can allow us to better understand the genetic and epigenetic aspects of the disease. Her senior thesis continued into her Masters project, which focuses on developing a model of AML by reprogramming human AML samples to iPSCs, detecting AML-specific mutations in the iPSCs and modelling the differentiation blockade characteristic of human myeloid leukemia. 


Meaghan loves that she has the opportunity to learn from so many bright and brilliant people in a supportive environment. Meaghan might just be the most exuberant person you will meet and will never fail to boost your morale on those dark winter days.

Meaghan and her cat Otis! Fun fact: Meaghan knitted the sweater in this photo

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