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Cameron obtained his B.Sc. in Honours Molecular Biology and Genetics from McMaster in 2019. During his degree he completed two work terms: one at STEMCELL Technologies with the Pluripotent Stem Cell, Ground State and Reprogramming team and the other as an undergraduate research assistant at the SCCRI with Dr. Bhatia. Prior to this, Cameron was also involved in McMaster's human genetics and mechanisms of disease laboratory studying atherosclerosis. Cameron completed his honours thesis with Dr. Bhatia, trying to understand the relationship between cell surface marker profile and functional heterogeneity in AML primary patient samples. His  master's project  focuses on characterizing the molecular and cellular kinetics of AML disease relapse post-chemotherapy

He was attracted to the program for its translational research as well as the hard working, driven and collaborative nature of the group. The people in the lab are motivating and are a pleasure to work with.

Cameron is an outdoor adventure enthusiast and lives a plant-based lifestyle. 

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